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Kathleen Brady Photo by Michelle Bergman


FRANCIS AND CLARE The Struggles of the Saints of Assisi
"Everyone knows St. Francis but who is Clare? Kathleen Brady has made a deep dive into the Thirteenth Century to explore the lives of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare, a woman from an extremely rich family whose path to sainthood, impeded by others, took longer.  This is a fantastic book." – Susan Brownmiller 


IDA TARBELL: Portrait of a Muckraker


"Kathleen Brady's triumphant portrait of Ida Tarbell will last for generations. No other biography of Ida Tarbell is likely to provide a move vivid look at this endlessly fascinating woman." – Doris Kearns Goodwin


"Kathleen Brady brings to life the personality of Ida Tarbell, queen of the muckrakers, who was one of the first women to break the gender gap in American journalism…The biography is replete with revealing anecdotes." – The New York Times


"…a graceful new biography" – Time Magazine


"It is with some joy that I read Kathleen Brady's fine new biography, Ida Tarbell: Portrait of A Muckraker, and have at last made the acquaintance of surely the bravest and most determined woman in American journalism and among the most diligent and scrupulous in her work." – Gloria Emerson, Washington Journalism Review


"Based on thorough research in manuscript collections and on a knowledge of most of the relevant secondary literature IDA TARBELL: Portrait of A Muckraker is a well-written and lively book. It should be read by all those interested in the history of journalism and the Progressive era as well as by those concerned with the role of women in American history."

                                                                                                                                  – The American Historical Review


LUCILLE The Life of Lucille Ball


"The strengths of Lucille The Life of Lucille Ball are as manifold as they manifest.
Brady is meticulous." – Toronto Globe and Mail


"The best biography of Lucille Ball." – Nashville Banner


"Without ignoring the darker aspects of Ball's life, Brady portrays a woman of impressive determination and resilience." – Time Magazine


"Every so often there comes along a book with new insights into the contradictions of show business – new even to those of us who have studied it for years. She makes the reader feel for Lucy in the upsets and errors she experience, making her far more vulnerable than her popular image would suggest." – David Shipman