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Kathleen Brady

Kathleen Brady was named a Fellow of the Society of American Historians for her biography Ida Tarbell: Portrait of a Muckraker (Putnam, 1984, University of Pittsburgh Press paperback 1989). Her critically well-received biography of Lucille Ball, Lucille, The Life of Lucille Ball was published by Hyperion in late 1994 and is currently in its fifth printing with Billboard Books.

Brady was featured on the American Masters PBS special about Lucille Ball and narrated the first installment of the 1993 PBS series "The Prize." She also appears on the A&E Biography of the Rockefeller family.

The 1994 ABC-TV movie, "A Passion for Justice," starring Jane Seymour, was based on Brady's research into the life of Mississippi journalist and civil rights activist Hazel Brannon Smith. Brady is a past co-director of the Biography Seminar at New York University and a former reporter for Time Magazine. She has contributed columns to Newsday.