Your Pain is Real

No matter what the cause of your pain, you will find expert advice, answers, and recommendations for everything from backaches, osteoporosis and sprained knees to endometriosis, arthritis and cancer in Your Pain is Real, Free Yourself from Chronic Pain with Breakthrough Medical Treatments by Emile Hiesiger, M.D. with Kathleen Brady from Regan Books.

Key Points About Medication for Pain

- Pain can be minimized even if its underlying cause cannot be cured.
- Taking narcotics to control pain does not lead to addiction.
- Taking pain medication does not mean you are a weakling.
- The sooner pain is controlled or ended, the less medication is required. Most doctors do not prescribe adequate pain medication, which means patients suffer unnecessarily.

Common Myths About Pain
- Pain for which there is no observable cause is not “real” or is purely psychological.
- Narcotics are so bad for you that they must be used cautiously and for short periods, if at all.
- Taking many short-acting narcotic pills is a good means of managing chronic pain.
- Demerol is a good painkiller and should be taken on a regular basis for chronic pain.
- Using nonsteroidal medications, such as Aleve and Advil, and other over-the-counter medications, such as Tylenol, is always preferable and certainly safer than narcotics – even when these non-narcotic pain relievers are taken in high doses.
- All MRI and CAT scans are more or less the same quality.
- You have to live with pain.